Dear Friends,  
Assalamu Alaikum!

It is a matter of immense pleasure to present before you a brief annual report of Aligarh Bachchon Ka Ghar for the session 2015-2016 for your kind perusal and that of kind well-wishers, sympathizers and donors. We sincerely solicit valuable feedback, advices, suggestions and co-operation in the furtherance of its effective functioning from all.

As you all know and as we have mentioned in our earlier reports, Aligarh being the seat of learning in the form of Aligarh Muslim University and having a conducive atmosphere for the establishment of a model orphanage, Aligarh Childrens Home (ABKG) was established and registered as a TRUST in March, 2001 at Aligarh for cherishing the dreams of a comprehensive welfare of orphans with the following aims and objectives:

a) Total support and adoption of children for complete modern education and upbringing with a view to develop responsible, God fearing and worthy Indian citizens.
b) To impart social, moral and Islamic cultural education.
c) To develop team network, self-reliance and competitive sprit among the children.
d) Dedication to the cause of orphans and destitute.
e) To save the children from forced labour, illiteracy, beggary and deprivation.

The sponsorship and care of orphans could be achieved as a result of combined, collective and cumulative efforts of all our well-wishers and by the Grace of Allah; we are now in the fifteenth year of our establishment and have completed another eventful session of 2014-15

School Programs:

Aligarh Bachchon Ka Ghar (ABKG) is sponsoring our Children in various reputed English Medium Public Schools mainly The Sana School, Al-Barkat Public School, Ayesha Tarin Modern Public School, Iqra Public School, Aligarh Modern School, R. K. Model School, Al-Hira Public School, Cambridge Public School, S.T.S High School (Minto Circle) etc.

The children’s response was very positive and they have fully adjusted themselves to the New Campus environment where they were shifted in 2007-08. They are not only doing good in examinations securing high percentage of marks during the preceding academic sessions but also attracted the appreciation of the teachers and elders. Examination results for the session 2013-14 may be seen in the attachment.  We feel extremely glad to mention here that four students of ABKG appeared at Secondary School Examination (CBSE) this year and passed with high scores all in 1st Division. One of them topped in Aligarh Modern School.

Annual Function:

Annual Function of Aligarh Bachchon Ka Ghar was organized in collaboration with the Sana School on 6th April, 2015 in our campus. It was attended by a number of dignitaries from Aligarh.  The Chief Guest was Mr. Zafar Alam, MLA, Aligarh and Dr. Ahmad Mujtaba was Guest of Honor. The Children presented a number of educative and cultural items which were appreciated by the guests and the audience.

Total Sponsorship of the Children:

All the children were provided with Eid and normal clothes; school uniform, school books, school fees, food and lodging, medical facilities and all items of daily requirements. This session number of our adopted children was 90+.  Because of financial crisis and lack of facilities we had to discontinue adopting girl orphans. Until separate hostel facility is created and financial position is improved we will not be able to restart adopting girl orphans.

Intellectual and Islamic Moral Development:

A committed team with two Wardens for day and night has been working for constant guidance and vigil on the children and to manage day-to-day function of the hostel so that intellectual and moral developments of the children not be impaired.

Besides five times obligatory prayers by a full-time Imam under the care of respective Wardens, Disciplines  are strictly taken care of, after salatul fajr, children are taught how to recite the Holy Quran. A religious scholar has been engaged for Islamic Tarbiyah of the student and special Islamic lessons are conducted from time to time.

Other tutors were separately engaged to assist students in their studies in the evening and supervisors are appointed to oversee and monitor the educational developments of the students.

Extra Curricular Activities:

The children were provided with complete sets of indoor and outdoor sports equipments. They were also encouraged to participate in inter-house and inter-school sports competition. Regular games timings have been included in the day-to-day routine.

Educational Tour:

The children were taken to see the historical and cultural places and local picnic spots, exhibitions etc. which comprises of various educational, business and entertainment stalls. This year 15 days long tour was conducted from 10 January to 25 January, 2016 in Western India.

Children Library:

The existing Children’s Library and reading room has been strengthened so as to enable the students to acquire more knowledge on Islamic history, cultural, moral education, general knowledge and development of their reading habits under overall supervision of the Staff. An amount of Rs. 5 milion has been spent during the year. And the same amount has been kept as budget for the session 2014-15.

Health Care:

Members of the Faculty of Medicine, J. N. Medical College, Community Medicine and doctors of the District hospital visited the Aligarh Bachchon Ka Ghar regularly.  Children have been vaccinated against Hepatitis 'B', Polio and other diseases.

Sports & Games:

This is a regular program of ABKG and all our children play at the same time in various games including Football and Athletics under the supervision of a full-fledged Physical Instructor and his team.


A number of dignitaries/scholars/patrons of ABKG visited our Campus during the session 2014-15:
Prof. Affan Badar (USA), Maulana Badruddin Ajmal, MP (Assam), Mrs. S. Murtaza Khan (Aligarh), Dr. Abdul Bari (Aligarh), Mr. M.A Khan ( Rtd Station Master, Aligarh), Dr. Abidullah Ghazi (USA),
Al-Barkaat Institute Of Education, Community Service Campaign(Aligarh),

Follow Up of Last Year’s Programs:

Hostel Building and Mosque have been painted as planned. The campus was beautified by further improving the vicinity, facilities and environment. About 400 poor children have been given educational expenses during the period.

Financial Crises:

We have been facing acute Financial crises since last year. We have already mentioned that we had to drop adoption of girl orphans and cut down the number of children from 120+ to 90+ because of this reason. The financial crises are getting more acute. We are compelled to further cut down the number of children from 90+ to 80 or 70. We are trying our best to improve the situation. We hope and pray that by the grace of Allah Subhanhu Wa Ta’ala and generous cooperation and support by our sponsors, sympathizers and you all we will come out of the situation and achieve out target.

We pray to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala to guide and help us and bless us with success. We seek support and co-operation from all sponsors and well-wishers. May Allah bless them with His choicest rewards here and hereafter. Aamin!